Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Tooth

Graham lost his first tooth today!  He has one or two other teeth that are loose also.  This morning he was playing in Abbie and Molly's room.  Then he came into our room saying his tooth was bleeding.  Well after many questions, we found out he had been playing on the top bunk bed and hit his tooth on the railing - the tooth was barely hanging there at all.  Here is what it looked like:

He was so nervous of us pulling his tooth and that it would hurt his stomach started to hurt.  He really thought that he was going to throw up.  I felt bad for him because he never gets that upset.  He does have a difficult time trusting that it will be ok if he hasn't experienced it before though.  Which I know we all understand to some extent:)

His tooth would move really far but you could still feel it was attached, so we decided to wait to pull it out knowing that Graham would play with it.  Only an hour or so went by and Marty wanted to look at it again.  I asked him "are you going to pull it out, if so let me get the camera."  He told me he was just going to look at it and as he was looking I went and got the camera figuring the tooth would need to be pulled out.  Well, it was so loose it just fell out into Marty's hand!!  

Afterwards Graham said "loosing a tooth was fun after I got over being afraid and all." 

Here he is minus one tooth (and minus a shirt)!

This afternoon he had some fun putting his sucker stick were his tooth was gone!

He also was pushing some of his food through the hole at lunch.  I'm glad he is excited to lose his tooth!  I think what he is most excited about is the tooth fairy coming tonight:)