Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friends and fun

The other day we went to a friends house and the kids got to play together. Us adults actually got to talk some also. We had lots of fun and need to be more proactive about doing things like this regularly. I am not good at planning ahead of time at all. In the moment I promise myself I will be better at planning - someday I'll get there. The bad thing about not doing this often is that my kids get obsessed with the new toys and they don't want to do anything else (like play with their friend). So for probably the first hour they just want to play with and explore all the different toys. But after that they all played really well together. Here are some fun pics I took during the day and then some from that evening outside.
Molly wrestling the crocodile.
Abbie all dressed as usual.
Graham & Bradley dressed up also. Here they are in their rock band.
Ready for their basketball game.
My view of Molly giving me a hug. Such a sweetie!
Outside swinging, one of Abbie's favorite things. 

Graham making himself fall of the swing. I guess he got tired of swinging.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

Our memorial day was great. We had nothing planned and didn't do a lot except just hang out. Marty wanted to buy the kids something for the backyard so he bought them a little splash pad thing. They were actually a little cold but still loved it! Here are some fun pictures we took. Molly didn't really play in the water so we only have one picture.
Typical Molly face. She loves to stick her tongue out.
Graham playing.
Abbie posing for the camera.

Outside in the evening

Lately we have really been enjoying playing outside after dinner. On Sunday night Graham went to work at church with Marty so it was just us girls. We went out to play and there were ducks in our little pond outside. The girls were so funny. They sat on the hill just watching them until the ducks flew away. The sun was setting and I love the pictures I took with the sunlight behind them. I have lots more pics from this week to post later. I have been so bad about taking pictures so I have been making up for it this week.

Abbie on the hill. Picking grass for the ducks.
Molly excitedly watching the ducks.
Abbie and Molly putting the grass they picked on their heads. (who knows?)
Abbie swinging. She almost always has on princess things. At least two of these: a crown, veil, necklace, dress, or shoes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

This is for Traci

So I was trying to post this picture last night. Isn't this an awesome jacket? Traci, wasn't it you that had the same one? We were so cool (for 1988).

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I have started to scan pictures for a memory book of my mom that my brother, sister and I are working on.  I just thought that I might share a few of these. 
This first picture is of my mom when she was in college. I'm not sure of the exact date.  My mom was a beautiful women and I love seeing her when she was so young.  I always think black and white photos are cool also (but of course this was when b&w was all they had).

Me only a few days old. I love my mom's sweater, definitely 1976.
All three girls. This was Mother's Day 1991.  Aren't the bangs awesome?

I have a few more but blogger won't upload the pics for some reason.  I will try to do another post tomorrow. 

Friday, May 2, 2008

Coolest car?

So Graham tells me on the way home tonight (from our fine dinner at McDonald's) that I have the coolest car in the world.  That's right my Honda Odyssey is the coolest car in the world.  I ask him why he thinks that and he tells me he loves the automatic doors (I do too) and the DVD player.  I then ask him if when he drives would he like to drive my car.  His response was "Are you kidding? . . . your car is not cool enough to drive." What (he is only 5)?  Just two seconds earlier it was the coolest in the world.  Well, he clarifies that my car is only the coolest minivan in the world and that he wants to drive an SUV when he can drive. 
A few minutes later he says "you know mommy I would either like to drive an SUV or an RV."  Yes, an RV.  You can thank Marty for that - he wants an RV someday.  So after that I didn't feel so bad about him saying my car wasn't cool enough.  (I do know that it's not cool, but I do love it for now!)