Friday, May 2, 2008

Coolest car?

So Graham tells me on the way home tonight (from our fine dinner at McDonald's) that I have the coolest car in the world.  That's right my Honda Odyssey is the coolest car in the world.  I ask him why he thinks that and he tells me he loves the automatic doors (I do too) and the DVD player.  I then ask him if when he drives would he like to drive my car.  His response was "Are you kidding? . . . your car is not cool enough to drive." What (he is only 5)?  Just two seconds earlier it was the coolest in the world.  Well, he clarifies that my car is only the coolest minivan in the world and that he wants to drive an SUV when he can drive. 
A few minutes later he says "you know mommy I would either like to drive an SUV or an RV."  Yes, an RV.  You can thank Marty for that - he wants an RV someday.  So after that I didn't feel so bad about him saying my car wasn't cool enough.  (I do know that it's not cool, but I do love it for now!)  


  1. That's hilarious. . I love hearing what's in Graham's head! It's always interesting!

    Love ya,

  2. I must say, I think you have a pretty cool van myself. It sure gets around the club scene like nobodies business :)

  3. Congrats on the coolest car in the world