Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outside in the evening

Lately we have really been enjoying playing outside after dinner. On Sunday night Graham went to work at church with Marty so it was just us girls. We went out to play and there were ducks in our little pond outside. The girls were so funny. They sat on the hill just watching them until the ducks flew away. The sun was setting and I love the pictures I took with the sunlight behind them. I have lots more pics from this week to post later. I have been so bad about taking pictures so I have been making up for it this week.

Abbie on the hill. Picking grass for the ducks.
Molly excitedly watching the ducks.
Abbie and Molly putting the grass they picked on their heads. (who knows?)
Abbie swinging. She almost always has on princess things. At least two of these: a crown, veil, necklace, dress, or shoes.


  1. I think its very wise of abbie to always be wearing something princessy. I try and adopt the same philosophy into my own life as well. Gorgeous pics!!

  2. Adorable pictures!! We have enjoyed the late afternoon/evenings outside as well. It is just too hot during the day. Pretty soon it will be too hot at night even. That's when the swimming pool will be overrun!

  3. What sweet pics! oh my. . I LOVE that last one of Abs with the crown. . how cute is she?!

    Love you,