Saturday, April 25, 2009

Such sweet sisters

Molly decided she wanted to push Abbie on the swing tonight. I love watching my girls play together.

Molly pushing her big sister.

Molly looks so small pushing her sister.

Then Molly started pushing Abbie by holding her shirt. Abbie thought is was so funny.

Molly pushing (or pulling) Abbie by her shirt.

Then Molly had her turn to swing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been lazy in my blogging lately and haven't blogged about our Easter yet. Well, Sunday morning Marty left early to work at church but this is what the kids and I came downstairs to:

Marty made these out of poster board and construction paper! Notice the eyes-they are the same color as which kid it is for. Man, Marty is so creative!!

The kids looking at their prizes. Saturday our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt that was really lame. They let the younger kids go first and so by the time Graham went he only found one egg. Abbie found four and Molly had two eggs and then inside each egg they had a piece of paper that said "I owe you ten cents." Our kids were quite disappointed. So we told them they would get a prize the next day, that's what the bunny baskets were for.

After our surprise morning, the kids and I went to breakfast with the Doss' at Steak N Shake. And we were once again surprised with Easter baskets. Our kids loved them!

Looking through their baskets.

Brittani had a hilarious app on her iphone called SmackTalk. It is only a little hamster that repeats everything you say but is so funny. Molly thought it was so hilarious.

We sure love this family! Thanks for sharing Easter morning with us.

My and my kids, we were laughing at the SmackTalk hamster.

All five kids together.

We decided to go to church on Monday night. Sunday night Molly had extremely bad diaper rash so we didn't want to take her to church. I took these pictures before we left for church Monday night.

The best I could do with all three.

Abbie and Graham hugging, they were being so sweet with each other.

They got these windmills in their Easter baskets and were playing with them since it was extremely windy when we were out there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny things about my day

This afternoon the kids and I were playing outside and our dog, Bean, was outside with us. I heard him whining a little and just figured it was at our neighbor's dog. Then I walked over and saw this:

He tries to chase geckos and they love to try to hide in this sandbox (that is now toy storage since I don't trust my kids to keep the sand in the box and not put it all over our backyard). He could barely get out by himself so I'm not sure if one of the kids (i.e. Molly) moved the lid on him or it just happened.

Then tonight Molly was looking at this cool book we have called "gallop" where it shows a bunch of different animals and it looks like they are running or flying or whatever they do.

So when the kids were going to bed, I told them to tell everyone goodnight. Molly then decided she wanted to give kisses to every animal in her book!! I laughed when I saw what she was doing so of course she continued and made sure I saw every kiss she did:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Abbie's 4th Birthday!!

Abbie turned 4 on 4/4. (yes over two weeks ago) We had a fun family celebration Friday night and had pizza and cake. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday meal, she actually told me she wanted pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers! I thought that was a little much:) She was so funny when I was trying to ask her favorite food. I was asking about her favorite restaurant and her favorite food but at first she just kept telling me she wanted to eat "good food" at home. She asks me at every meal "mommy, are we eating good food or gross food?" We have actually had to tell her she isn't aloud to say food is gross if she doesn't like it. So back to her birthday - we had a fun little family party at home and Abbie opened her presents.

Here is Abbie blowing out her 4 candles! It was cute because she blew out each candle individually.

Then on Saturday, her actual birthday, Abbie and I went to breakfast at First Watch with Brittani and Anna. Here are the girls waiting to be seated:

Then we took the girls to pick out matching dresses. They were so adorable trying on their dresses. The girls were jumping around in the dressing room and we just kept laughing at how cute they were dancing around and giggling!

Abbie never gets to try on clothes at the store or even pick out her own clothes, so she loved this!

Birthday girl and the model:)

Then after they picked out a dress and a necklace, we went and took some pictures! I kind of just volunteered Brittani to take the pictures because she always does such a great job! Thanks for being so willing Brittani (even thought I don't know that I ever really asked), I love all the pictures!!

Mommy tickling her sweet 4 year old princess

Brittani was having Abbie do this same pose and Molly ran over and did the same thing so she could have her picture taken also. She loves her big sister and always wants to be a part of what she is doing.

I can't believe it's been 4 years!

Molly really liked swinging.

Graham decided he wanted to layout in the sun while us girls took pictures!

Anna and Abbie

When I first saw this picture, I had to look at it twice they look so much the same.

Cupcakes again. Anna kept asking where the cupcakes where. I love that kids have to have cake for it to really be someones birthday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why is she doing that?

When I posted about our Moms4moms Easter picnic, I found a bunch of pictures of Molly with her tongue sticking out. She kept running away from me when I was trying to take her picture, so I was chasing her around the park being funny taking her picture. For some reason she has her tongue sticking out in every picture except the one I posted the other day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Wednesday was a great day. The Moms4Moms group had an Easter picnic, the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and then playing at Maitland Community Park which is definitely one of their favorite parks.

Look at all the eggs, these were only a portion of the eggs. There were lots of kids at the picnic.

Graham and Abbie were so sweet holding hands down the bumpy slide.

Graham such a sweet brother helping Molly.

Graham and Abbie counting their eggs. They could only get as many as we brought.

All three after the hunt.

Molly playing on the playground.

Abbie climbing.

Then later that afternoon Marty came home early and we took the kids bowling. Graham had earned some free bowling passes from his school. All the kids enjoyed bowling. Molly was so funny she would push the bowling ball down the lane and then immediately run back to get another ball. She didn't want to watch the pins knock over, she just wanted to do it again.

Here she is running back for another ball!

Abbie loved bowling once we had the little bowling ramp thing. She was so funny carrying the 6lb ball. She kept saying it was too heavy and really did have a hard time carrying it.

Graham did a good job bowling. We saw one of his friends from school there also so he had a blast getting to hang out of with her.

Aren't there little bowling shoes so cute?

Marty, of course, won the game but I didn't do to bad either.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Tuesday it was extremely windy here. Marty had the idea for us to buy some kites. We got dinner and had a little (windy) picnic and then tried to fly the kite. Notice I said tried. Marty and I had a blast trying to fly the kite. It was just too windy, we would get it up and then the wind would either change direction or a huge gust would come and mess it up.
The kids on the other hand were only interested for about the first 3 or 4 tries. They did enjoy running and chasing the kite after it fell on the ground. But then they just wanted to play on the playground (which is pretty cool-it looks like a big pirate ship).
The one thing that both Abbie and Molly were interested in was a stick in the middle of the field:) For some random reason there was a stick in the middle of the field and our kids were more interested in that then flying the kite:) We will have to try again sometime soon to fly the kites!