Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been lazy in my blogging lately and haven't blogged about our Easter yet. Well, Sunday morning Marty left early to work at church but this is what the kids and I came downstairs to:

Marty made these out of poster board and construction paper! Notice the eyes-they are the same color as which kid it is for. Man, Marty is so creative!!

The kids looking at their prizes. Saturday our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt that was really lame. They let the younger kids go first and so by the time Graham went he only found one egg. Abbie found four and Molly had two eggs and then inside each egg they had a piece of paper that said "I owe you ten cents." Our kids were quite disappointed. So we told them they would get a prize the next day, that's what the bunny baskets were for.

After our surprise morning, the kids and I went to breakfast with the Doss' at Steak N Shake. And we were once again surprised with Easter baskets. Our kids loved them!

Looking through their baskets.

Brittani had a hilarious app on her iphone called SmackTalk. It is only a little hamster that repeats everything you say but is so funny. Molly thought it was so hilarious.

We sure love this family! Thanks for sharing Easter morning with us.

My and my kids, we were laughing at the SmackTalk hamster.

All five kids together.

We decided to go to church on Monday night. Sunday night Molly had extremely bad diaper rash so we didn't want to take her to church. I took these pictures before we left for church Monday night.

The best I could do with all three.

Abbie and Graham hugging, they were being so sweet with each other.

They got these windmills in their Easter baskets and were playing with them since it was extremely windy when we were out there.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Such cute kiddos!

  2. Those Easter baskets are so creative. Your kids are getting so big! Such sweet pictures of them together!

  3. Oh my dear. . .those are the best Easter baskets ever! Marty is amazing.

    Love the precious pictures. . especially the ones at Steak N Shake, they turned out so good!

    Love you,