Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Wednesday was a great day. The Moms4Moms group had an Easter picnic, the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and then playing at Maitland Community Park which is definitely one of their favorite parks.

Look at all the eggs, these were only a portion of the eggs. There were lots of kids at the picnic.

Graham and Abbie were so sweet holding hands down the bumpy slide.

Graham such a sweet brother helping Molly.

Graham and Abbie counting their eggs. They could only get as many as we brought.

All three after the hunt.

Molly playing on the playground.

Abbie climbing.

Then later that afternoon Marty came home early and we took the kids bowling. Graham had earned some free bowling passes from his school. All the kids enjoyed bowling. Molly was so funny she would push the bowling ball down the lane and then immediately run back to get another ball. She didn't want to watch the pins knock over, she just wanted to do it again.

Here she is running back for another ball!

Abbie loved bowling once we had the little bowling ramp thing. She was so funny carrying the 6lb ball. She kept saying it was too heavy and really did have a hard time carrying it.

Graham did a good job bowling. We saw one of his friends from school there also so he had a blast getting to hang out of with her.

Aren't there little bowling shoes so cute?

Marty, of course, won the game but I didn't do to bad either.

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