Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday it was warm again so we of course took the opportunity to play outside.  I realize 60 degrees is not really that cold, but when you are used to it being 80, it feels cold.  All of the kids were playing so well together.  They tend to either do their own thing or only two of them are playing together, but yesterday all three played so nicely together. 

They thought this was so funny.  They took turns on who got to go first and then everyone else went behind them. They laughed and laughed doing this.

Later they were picking weeds that look like lily pads (I don't know what they are called) and making a "salad" together. 

Here they are mixing it all together in Bean's water bowl. Molly actually has a bat in her hand that she was smashing the weeds with but you can't see it. 

Abbie loves to pick "flowers". They are only weed flowers, but she doesn't know the difference. She loves to give me (and everyone else) flowers every time she is outside. 

Graham has done this a few times when I take his picture. He says here let me pose.  I guess he thinks he is a model:)

Not the best picture of Molly, but I had to include one of just her. She was laying on the hill in the grass to take her picture.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Graham's video

I couldn't get this to post in my last blog so I had to post it on YouTube first. Graham wanted to make his Daddy his own video. He sure loves his daddy and wants him to know it!

For Marty

Marty, the kids made you this video. They are asking everyday if today is when you come home. We are glad you are having some guy time though! 

This was what happened right after the previous video:) It is so hard to get a picture of all three of them together and a video is even more difficult.

We love you and hope you are having fun (as said in the video already)!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Change of plans

I was planning on posting pictures of Graham today.  Graham's school had a Thanksgiving program today.  Unfortunately, yesterday Graham woke up saying his throat hurt and then very soon after he threw up.  We went to the doctor and he has strep throat - yuck!  The doctor gave him an antibiotic shot, since he couldn't keep anything down.  He didn't throw up after that and his fever went down.  Unfortunately the doctor told us he was contagious for 36 to 48 hours which meant no Thanksgiving program for Graham.  We were both so disappointed to miss his first kindergarten program.  I know there will be many more to come though!  

Friday, November 14, 2008

When I grow up

Tonight the kids and I watched the space shuttle launch. The last night launch we drove over and watched it there which was amazing. This time was amazing also. The moon was huge and you could see the shuttle the whole time. The kids loved it.

I didn't take this picture, but isn't it beautiful. 

When Graham was going to bed, we were talking about the shuttle and I told him that someday maybe he could go to space in a shuttle.  He told me that would be cool, but it wasn't what he wanted to do.  He still really wants to work on Mythbusters (see previous post) and he told me tonight he also wants to be a spy.  Then he was asking if there are really spies and telling me that there are probably spies around here.  He then told me that one day at school he thought that his teacher was a spy!  I was laughing so hard, I tried to just tell him goodnight and leave, but he then asked, "she's not really a spy is she?" I have no idea why he would think that!  Oh to understand the mind of a kindergartner

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pajamas & Storytime

Two weeks ago, the Northland co-op had a pajamas & storytime night.  The kids enjoyed getting to wear their pajamas out.  We watched a puppet show, listened to some stories from a few teachers, sang some songs with Ms. Vonk (the music teacher at co-op) and had some cookies and milk.  The kids were crazy and wound up afterwards. I was trying to get another picture of all three together at home but they were all running around. Overall we had a really fun night.

On our way to PJ & stories
this was the best I could get because they were anxious to leave. 
Molly with her bear and blanket listening to the story.

Abbie and Graham with their bears listening to the story also.

I just think this is a hilarious face. I took this of Molly at home afterwards.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Graham's Green Meadows

I mentioned in my last post that Graham went with his Kindergarten class to Green Meadows. His friend Tristan's mom went with them and she took some pictures of Graham with his friends, Sebastian and Tristan. They have become quite good friends. It is so fun to see them together.

Graham was very excited to get to ride the school bus. But he told me he was really bored since it took an hour to get to Green Meadows and as he said "we couldn't play, we could only sit there."

Tristan, Graham and Sebastian riding the train
S, G, T riding the school bus
S, G, T in front of the pigs
Graham telling Tristan's mom that it stinks

Graham and Tristan 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Green Meadows Farm

On Monday, the girls and I went to Green Meadows Petting Farm with the Northland Co-op. Graham had gone with his kindergarten class last Thursday so the girls had heard all about it and were excited. At Green Meadows you go on a tour to see all the animals and you get to go in the pens with most of the animals. We saw turkeys, roosters, chickens, turkens (half turkey, half chicken), ponies, goats, lambs, wild peacocks, rode a train, rode a pony, went on a hay ride, and held baby chicks - I'm pretty sure that's all. Actually we got to feed the goats also, which I thought was totally gross cause they just slobbered all over your hands to get the food:) There were still other animals we didn't see this time. I know they also have donkeys, bulls and a zorse (half horse, half zebra). 

Abbie just seemed to be happy that Anna was there, but Molly absolutely LOVED all the animals. At one point we had to leave the chickens so Abbie could potty and Molly cried the whole time saying "chickens, chickens." She loves her animals!  I have so many pictures, but here are just a few.  We had a wonderful time and we have to plan another trip with the whole family sometime soon! (for some reason blogger posted these pictures all out of order and I'm not sure how to easily change them)

Abbie while we were having lunch (taken by Nathan Clark and he put it on Northland's blog)
Abbie after she finally came in to pet the goats. She wasn't interested in much all day.
Molly holding a duckling. She wanted to hold it all by herself, but not very gently:)
Molly went right onto the horse. I didn't have to convince her at all. She just laughed for the first half of the ride.
This was Molly's favorite - the goats! I wish you could see her face, but she did this to every one. She would look right in their face and then she would get a really excited smile on her face. She tried to pet and HUG every single goat. She also thought it was so funny feeding the goats.
Molly and I on a short little train ride. 
This is Molly grabbing her hands in excitement. I have a video of her chasing them around. I'll have to post at a later time. 
Abbie, Bradley, Anna and Brittani petting a turkey.
Anna and Abbie

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night we went to some friends' houses (they live across the street from each other) and had a Halloween party. There was a cookout, which Graham is always excited to have hotdogs on the grill, or as he says "hotdogs like he had at Dylan's party" (which was over a year ago). And then we went trick or treating in a group, a little crazy but overall very fun. Their neighborhood has lots of people that come trick or treat and lots of houses that were decorated, some a little scary, but everyone was very friendly.  Molly seemed to understand to go up to the door and wait for candy, but she couldn't remember to hold her basket up or to walk away once she got candy:)  All the kids did really well about saying thank you and knowing it was one piece per house, but one of the little girls has milk and wheat allergies so almost everything she got she would say "but I can't eat this" with a sad look on her face.  She was very sweet about it though and she did get plenty that she could eat.
Josh took these pictures of us when we were getting there and now I really want a camera with a lens like this. But maybe I should learn to use my camera first.

All the kids dressed up, getting ready to go trick or treating.
This was with my camera and not near as good but the Nemo costume was just too adorable.
Princess Molly 
Ironman Graham being so helpful and carrying the girls chairs.
Sleeping Beauty Abbie

All ready for the party, but mostly the candy!