Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Green Meadows Farm

On Monday, the girls and I went to Green Meadows Petting Farm with the Northland Co-op. Graham had gone with his kindergarten class last Thursday so the girls had heard all about it and were excited. At Green Meadows you go on a tour to see all the animals and you get to go in the pens with most of the animals. We saw turkeys, roosters, chickens, turkens (half turkey, half chicken), ponies, goats, lambs, wild peacocks, rode a train, rode a pony, went on a hay ride, and held baby chicks - I'm pretty sure that's all. Actually we got to feed the goats also, which I thought was totally gross cause they just slobbered all over your hands to get the food:) There were still other animals we didn't see this time. I know they also have donkeys, bulls and a zorse (half horse, half zebra). 

Abbie just seemed to be happy that Anna was there, but Molly absolutely LOVED all the animals. At one point we had to leave the chickens so Abbie could potty and Molly cried the whole time saying "chickens, chickens." She loves her animals!  I have so many pictures, but here are just a few.  We had a wonderful time and we have to plan another trip with the whole family sometime soon! (for some reason blogger posted these pictures all out of order and I'm not sure how to easily change them)

Abbie while we were having lunch (taken by Nathan Clark and he put it on Northland's blog)
Abbie after she finally came in to pet the goats. She wasn't interested in much all day.
Molly holding a duckling. She wanted to hold it all by herself, but not very gently:)
Molly went right onto the horse. I didn't have to convince her at all. She just laughed for the first half of the ride.
This was Molly's favorite - the goats! I wish you could see her face, but she did this to every one. She would look right in their face and then she would get a really excited smile on her face. She tried to pet and HUG every single goat. She also thought it was so funny feeding the goats.
Molly and I on a short little train ride. 
This is Molly grabbing her hands in excitement. I have a video of her chasing them around. I'll have to post at a later time. 
Abbie, Bradley, Anna and Brittani petting a turkey.
Anna and Abbie


  1. that WAS a fun day. I was so thankful to have you there, Kari. I know Anna was very thankful for Abbie, also. I love the pic of Abbie eating lunch. She is just too pretty.