Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday it was warm again so we of course took the opportunity to play outside.  I realize 60 degrees is not really that cold, but when you are used to it being 80, it feels cold.  All of the kids were playing so well together.  They tend to either do their own thing or only two of them are playing together, but yesterday all three played so nicely together. 

They thought this was so funny.  They took turns on who got to go first and then everyone else went behind them. They laughed and laughed doing this.

Later they were picking weeds that look like lily pads (I don't know what they are called) and making a "salad" together. 

Here they are mixing it all together in Bean's water bowl. Molly actually has a bat in her hand that she was smashing the weeds with but you can't see it. 

Abbie loves to pick "flowers". They are only weed flowers, but she doesn't know the difference. She loves to give me (and everyone else) flowers every time she is outside. 

Graham has done this a few times when I take his picture. He says here let me pose.  I guess he thinks he is a model:)

Not the best picture of Molly, but I had to include one of just her. She was laying on the hill in the grass to take her picture.

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  1. I just love these days with perfect weather! You just have to play outside on these days. We have even done our school outside a couple times.