Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pajamas & Storytime

Two weeks ago, the Northland co-op had a pajamas & storytime night.  The kids enjoyed getting to wear their pajamas out.  We watched a puppet show, listened to some stories from a few teachers, sang some songs with Ms. Vonk (the music teacher at co-op) and had some cookies and milk.  The kids were crazy and wound up afterwards. I was trying to get another picture of all three together at home but they were all running around. Overall we had a really fun night.

On our way to PJ & stories
this was the best I could get because they were anxious to leave. 
Molly with her bear and blanket listening to the story.

Abbie and Graham with their bears listening to the story also.

I just think this is a hilarious face. I took this of Molly at home afterwards.


  1. oh my goodness... too cute! I wish we could have gone to PJ night. YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE EVENTS... anyway, looks like you guys had fun. CUTE PICS

  2. i love the picture of molly. that is the way karsen looks when you tell her to smile! very cute