Saturday, August 23, 2008

The girls

The girls share a room together and every morning Abbie gives Molly massive amounts of toys to entertain her after they wake up. It is such a sweet big sister thing to do. She always gives her Barbies and then whatever other toys she feels like giving her that day.
Molly with all her Barbies (she is dancing)
Laying on top of all her Barbies

Last night Molly was crying awhile after the girls had laid down so I went in to check on her.  I went over to her crib and laid her down and gave her her blanket and she was fine.  I looked over at Abbie and she rolled over and tiredly says to me, "I can't give her Barbies all the time!" 

2 out of 5

So this first week of kindergarten was not what we expected. Because of Hurricane Fay, Graham only had two days of school. He went his first day on Monday and then had Tuesday and Wednesday off, then had school on Thursday and off again on Friday.  Definitely, didn't help me get into a routine of getting up early and being ready.  Oh well, hopefully this next week will be better.  
I was so excited this morning when I woke up and there was sunshine! (We haven't seen that in a week)  But this afternoon it started raining again, YUCK!  I read that we had a total of 11 to 14 inches of rain!  Graham isn't going to be able to play on the playground at school for probably a week at least because it was completely flooded. What an interesting start to the school year!  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kindergarten - already?!

Today was Graham's first day of kindergarten! He has been so excited for this day.
Here he is all dressed in his uniform. 
The girls posing with the big kindergartner. 
Mommy and Graham

Graham and Daddy
The whole family went this morning to take Graham to school.  At his school, Choices in Learning, they have a drop off line.  We gave Graham the option of dropping him off and him walking himself to class or of us walking him to class.  His answer to us was that he wanted to walk himself to class "like a real kindergartner."  So amazed at his confidence. 

It's kind of hard to see but here is a picture of him walking to class. He is in the green shirt.

After dropping Graham off, the school had a "Boo Hoo (or Woo Hoo) Breakfast" for the parents.  The family and I went which I am so glad we did.  We got to meet a few parents from Graham's class and we also got to talk with some families from our church.  After the breakfast when we were in our car leaving, Abbie started crying saying we forgot Graham.  Molly and Abbie kept asking where Graham was all day long.  I didn't quite understand because he went to Pre-K last year.  

So my thoughtful friend, Brittani, offered to watch Molly and Abbie so that I could pick Graham up from his first day and spend some time with just him.  Car line took quite a long time and as soon as Graham got in the car it started to poor rain.  I had planned to take him to Bruster's Ice Cream, but I had never been there and didn't realize that there is no place to sit inside.  Graham decided he just wanted to go to Brittani's and play with his friend Bradley.  I was a little hurt at first but I am so proud that he is seeking out his friends.  

Well, overall his first day seemed to go really well from what he told me.  But because of the hurricane coming, there is no school tomorrow.  I was afraid he would be upset but instead he told me he was glad because school was longer than he thought and he didn't have enough energy for school today.  I definitely understand not having enough energy for things:)

** Cassie pointed out that I didn't tell what I felt - I was so excited for him and honestly not sad at all.  I am a little nervous for the change of always having to be at school everyday from 8:30 to 3, but it is just a new phase and we will adjust and make it work. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids are so literal

Graham and I were just talking about him not bossing his sister around.  I told him that he needs to just enjoy his sisters and play with them.  And also that he can wait till he has kids of his own to boss them around (obviously I meant parent them not boss them).  Graham told me "I'll never do that."  So I asked him what he meant.  Did he mean he will never have kids or that he will never boss them around.  He said "I'll never have kids - that's what mommy's do.  I can't have babies in my belly."  Wow, I didn't mean it to be so literal.  I guess he doesn't quite understand yet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Breakfast

My sweet husband suggested that we go to Ihop this morning for breakfast and then brought the camera along. The part I really love is that we finally have a pictures of us with our kids. I am fairly good at taking pictures of our kids when we do things, but it is always just them. Marty and I are pretty much never in the pictures.
Molly coloring on the coasters
Graham and Daddy (with a beard from his trip to Brazil)
Me and Abbie (she really does like me)
Molly with cream (no Brandi we didn't learn from your parenting outside the funnel story and yes she did put it in her mouth and the cream burst all over her)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hannah Montana vs. Star Wars

Graham is very eager to see the new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie.  
He told Marty the other night that the Hannah Montana movie was in 3-D and it's too bad that Star Wars isn't 3-D that "it is in PG instead."  
I love that boy!  So funny.