Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids are so literal

Graham and I were just talking about him not bossing his sister around.  I told him that he needs to just enjoy his sisters and play with them.  And also that he can wait till he has kids of his own to boss them around (obviously I meant parent them not boss them).  Graham told me "I'll never do that."  So I asked him what he meant.  Did he mean he will never have kids or that he will never boss them around.  He said "I'll never have kids - that's what mommy's do.  I can't have babies in my belly."  Wow, I didn't mean it to be so literal.  I guess he doesn't quite understand yet.


  1. Oh, I think he understand a lot! :) That is a very funny story. I love that you record these. You are going to enjoy looking back one day and reading the things your kids said and did at this age.

  2. oh my. . .he is too funny!


  3. Arnold Schwartzneger had a baby, so why can't Graham?