Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We never think to include ourselves in the pictures...

So my brother , sister and I have been trying to put together a photo album in remembrance of our mother. This December 17 th it will have been 15 years since she died. That is so hard to see in writing. Well, I have been looking through all of my pictures. I have a lot since my dad divided up most of the pictures that he had and gave them to us. More on that later or another time. But it has been sad to find how little pictures I have of my mom. There are lots of us kids and some with my dad but only a handful of pictures with her in them. We don't normally think , yeah I should take a picture with me in it so when I'm gone my kids can have a picture of me.My mom was really good at having us take family pictures though. It really makes me more aware to get lots of pictures with all the family in them!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids and their funny questions

So today my husband worked it out for me to spend some time with just my son. I never get to do this so it was really nice. We went out to dinner at Jason's Deli, which he said was his favorite because of the free muffins and frozen yogurt. Then after dinner we went to his soccer practice. He was being as talkative as usual when all of the sudden he got sad and said "I don't want daddy to die before me." (I never could figure out where this thought came from. I asked did someone talk about dying, at school, on a show) So I tried my best to explain to a 4 1/2 year old that we don't need to worry about dying. That God has it all under control and he will take care of us no matter what happens. I reminded him of the song we sing "He's got the whole world in his hands." I explained how it means that he has us and our worries in his hands and that he takes control so we don't have to. He sat there thinking about it for a while and said " that's cool" then a few seconds later says "what if he drops it?"
I wanted to laugh hysterically but did my best to explain to a very literal thinker that he doesn't actually have the world in his hands, just that he takes care of us. So funny!

Graham's been asking about space a lot also. He is absolutely fascinated by it , as am I. He has asked multiple times if there are people on other planets. When I was telling him there wasn't , he asked why? And just then it came to me why - God gave us this beautiful earth for our enjoyment and he also gave us the world for our enjoyment. In Beth Moore's study " Living Beyond yourself" she says one of our joys is the joy of discovery. I truly believe that is through His word and also through His World. When you discover how complex , beautiful and amazing this earth and whole world are, you just have to see God in them! What a wonderful God !!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

When your kids repeat your mistakes...

So yesterday, the kids and I were playing . graham had moved our ottoman and was trying to fix it. He couldn't move it back so he just looked at me and said "damn it!" He had this smile on his face like " don't think this is OK but I'm going to try it anyways" I was just in awe. I sent him to timeout and then went to talk to him. My first reaction was to ask him where he heard that word, but as soon as I asked it I knew exactly where he had -- from me. I t is so hard to see our own mistakes come it in our kids isn't it? I try to not say things like that , but like everyone I definitely make mistakes. Well, this one came back to bite me. It is sooo not fun to explain to a 4 year old that you made a mistake and will ill try to do better. My sweet boy is so understanding though , he just agreed that we would both try not to say words that aren't nice . He just accepts me as I am, flaws and all. I love my kids!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So I am going to try this blogging thing. I'm not sure that I have anything to say, but I am going to try. I know that I tend to look at the negative side of things, so I am going to use this to help focus on the positive! Maybe it will help those that we are away from keep up with our lives.