Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny things Abbie says

(Abbie with my dad's dog, Daphne.  She is the only other dog besides ours that she isn't terrified of.  She actually really loved Daphne.)

Abbie is 3 years old and like all kids says some words really funny.  So I wanted to try to write some of them down to help remember.  

My favorite is the way she says "Sleeping Beauty" (which by the way is her absolute favorite princess) - she says "Ffweeping beauty."

She gets Cinderella right but used to get confused who Belle was.  We would correct her by saying "No Belle."  Well, as you guessed in her mind her name was "Nobelle."  Then we have been correcting her and emphasizing the B in Belle, so now she says Belle with a strong emphasis on B and it sounds like she is really mad at you.  It's pretty funny. 

Also if she is talking about yesterday Abbie says "tomorrowday." 

I love all the funny things kids say and I remember being so sad when Graham grew out of those funny words.  I know we will still have more to come with Abbie and even more with Molly.  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Western Night

Friday night Northland had a Family Western Night. It started storming that afternoon (as it does pretty much everyday this time of year) so we were hoping it wouldn't be completely stormed out. When we got there around 6:30 it was just barely sprinkling. The kids really enjoyed it. We ate some hamburgers and hotdogs. Then went in the petting zoo and jumped in the moon bounces. We ended the night with line dancing and cotton candy. The funniest part was watching Molly try to join in while the DJ was teaching the dance. I was afraid she would get stepped on or I would have let her - she loves to dance! It was just fun to be a part of and I am glad that Northland is trying to do more things like this. It definitely didn't feel like such a huge church Friday night.

Molly right before bed.
Abbie and Graham
Graham holding a baby goat
Abbie with the goat
Molly climbing in the moon bounce.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Molly and Bean

Molly is in love with our dog, Bean.  She loves to follow him around and say "beeeeaaan" over and over and over.  She will sit on top of him and try to ride him like he is a horse.  The other thing she likes to do is feed Bean from her highchair.  She can be quite sneaky about it also.  The other day we were eating Mac and Cheese which she loves so I never thought she would have been giving some to Bean. 

Well, as you can tell from the picture I was wrong.  Bean had some of the mac and cheese on his head.  He is always by her side sitting up begging for food.

 Also, today he ran off while in the backyard and you should have seen Molly.  She was so upset.  She just kept standing at the edge of our yard saying Bean and then once he came back she was so excited and ran over and tried to hug him (of course he normally runs away).  So instead she decided he needed some more water - so sweet!  Seeing how much the kids love Bean makes up for all of his annoying barking.