Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny things Abbie says

(Abbie with my dad's dog, Daphne.  She is the only other dog besides ours that she isn't terrified of.  She actually really loved Daphne.)

Abbie is 3 years old and like all kids says some words really funny.  So I wanted to try to write some of them down to help remember.  

My favorite is the way she says "Sleeping Beauty" (which by the way is her absolute favorite princess) - she says "Ffweeping beauty."

She gets Cinderella right but used to get confused who Belle was.  We would correct her by saying "No Belle."  Well, as you guessed in her mind her name was "Nobelle."  Then we have been correcting her and emphasizing the B in Belle, so now she says Belle with a strong emphasis on B and it sounds like she is really mad at you.  It's pretty funny. 

Also if she is talking about yesterday Abbie says "tomorrowday." 

I love all the funny things kids say and I remember being so sad when Graham grew out of those funny words.  I know we will still have more to come with Abbie and even more with Molly.  

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  1. Very cute! Some words stick around long after the kids stop saying it. We still chick-a-flay and bisgetti.