Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Molly on vacation

I have so many pictures that I want to post from vacation. These are all of Molly. We thought she was just a little sick with a cold but ended up having a pretty bad ear infection (which we found out when we got back home). She didn't sleep well at all the first night but her energy during the day wasn't gone! Molly loved all of our vacation time. She loved hiking, going out to eat and even the campfire. She has no fear of new things.

Just today we were at the mall playing in the play area for a little while. She saw a man playing peek-a-boo with his little girl and so Molly just goes right over and starts playing peek-a-boo with them also. Then a few minutes later she just ran up and sort of hugged his leg! Wow, was he surprised! I love that she is so friendly but we definitely have to watch her. She isn't afraid of much.

Showing us her loot from "Fun World."
Putting 3-D glasses on a My Little Pony pinata.
Molly giving Daddy his phone, while I was trying to take a pic of him and Abbie. Molly does this all the time, she does not like peoples things laying around out of place:)
Anna helping Molly get her many layers off. Anna really wanted to help Molly and Molly thought it was so fun for Anna to help her (she doesn't usually let others help her though).
Bradley was kneeling waiting for the rest of us to catch up during a hike and Molly ran up and did the exact same thing next to him. She loves Bradley and loves to imitate him!

All dressed warmly and ready to go outside. It was really cold this day, for us Floridians!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Girls Singing

On our vacation, Abbie and Anna loved getting to ride in the car together.  I have to say 3 girls in a car is a lot of little high pitched voices, but was lots of fun seeing the girls interact with each other.  This was just to adorable not to catch on video. Someone started singing Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds song and then they all joined in - too cute!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Big Girl

On January 5th, our little Abbie officially became a big girl. She slept on the top bunk! Yes our 3 1/2 year old is now sleeping every night up on the top bunk. I was nervous the first night that I wouldn't be able to sleep. But she was just so excited, it made me not nervous and I slept great. I love that Abbie has something that is just her own.

Getting ready to take a nap
Abbie and Molly playing together on the top bunk

Molly has known how to climb a ladder it seems like since before she could walk but on the bunk she didn't know how to get back down at first. The first day I left the room for a second and when I came back in she was just sitting up there crying to get down. But it only took her a few days to figure out how to get back down now:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time with just one

Yesterday, Graham and I hung out after school while Abbie and Molly took a nap.  He wanted to bring his new race track outside and build a super cool awesome track (his words).  He started off with his track going down the slide.  He was so excited to try it out.  Well, it worked a little to well and just kept shooting the cars off the track.  So then he decided to take the track and drape it over a tree branch!?  He was so funny, thinking that the car would go all the way up (pretty much 90 degrees) and then just come down the other side.  He wouldn't believe me that it wouldn't work, he had to try it for himself.  Then he moved on to our hill.  It worked really well and he loved it.  It was so fun watching him think through it all and really paying attention to the best way to put the track together.  He is definitely learning from his daddy.
It was so nice to have some time with Graham!

THE track

I love this picture, even though it is blurry.  He is running from me trying to take his picture.
Graham (again being silly with a cup on his head) and I.  I'm not quite as good as Brittani at taking pictures of myself, but I'm getting there.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two weeks

Two weeks is all that it took for the batteries to run out of one of the Barbies I wrote about previously! (I am actually sort of surprised it took so long, I mean, they push the button all the time.) I have to say I am fairly excited, does that make me a bad mom? But today I have had to explain to Molly at least 10 times that it doesn't work. She brings me the Barbie and just keeps saying "On, On." Well, now let's see how long I can hold out to get new batteries for it:)

Molly and Abbie Christmas morning playing with the Barbies. This was the only pic I had of both of them with both the Barbies.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This video absolutely sums up Molly and also sums up what my life is like normally. Molly is dancing and singing, I have no idea what she is singing though, while Graham and Abbie are playing loudly in the background. I sort of wish you could hear Molly completely but then it wouldn't be real life:)
We bought Molly the Mickey for Christmas and the Minnie for her birthday and she loves them. I don't know where it came from but she totally loves Mickey Mouse. I wish that I had a video of her watching the Disney Christmas Parade, she kept getting so excited at all of the characters. We have really got to get around to taking her to Disney!

For some reason she calls Minnie - "Minnie, Minnie Mouse." In the video, she tells me that it is "Mickey and Minnie, Minnie Mouse" and "sitting on lap" since you probably can't hear it.

Here is Molly just telling me Minnie's name:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This song will get stuck in your head also..

For the last week, we have heard these same two songs over and over in our house. We knew that Abbie and Molly would love the singing Barbies from the Diamond Castle movie, but we didn't realize how much they would love them.  We are so glad they love their presents but we are really ready to take the batteries out of the Barbies. But I did get some adorable video of Molly singing along:

I will have to get one of both of them singing together. Abbie and Molly are absolutely adorable, I'm just wondering how to get the song out of my head:)

I also posted another video of Molly dancing and singing to the song on YouTube. Blogger keeps giving me errors.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Molly's 2nd birthday

Molly turned 2 on the 27th. In some ways it feels like she was just born a few months ago but then it is hard to remember a time without her.  Molly you were our surprise from the Lord.  You have brought so much joy and togetherness into our family.  Your nickname of "angel" really does describe you.  Your laughter is contagious.  I love the way you watch your older siblings, but your also not afraid to do things on your own. Molly, we are all blessed to have you in your lives!
We decided to have a day break from parties and celebrate Molly's birthday on Sunday.  We had Molly's favorite people over, the Doss'.  Molly will just randomly throughout the day ask about Bradley and Anna:) She loves them and is always thinking of them.  Brittani thanks for always loving on Molly so much!  And I think that after Sunday, Molly will be asking about Mat also, she loves playing with Mat.  I hate that we didn't get a picture of the Doss' with Molly, but here we are with our two year old:

Molly showing us how old she is!

All smiles!

Enjoying her cupcake. Yes we had Hannah Montana plates - Molly thinks everyone that has long blond hair is Hannah Montana and she gets really excited.

Licking her lips, even though all she ever eats is the frosting.

Molly in her princess dress riding her new tricycle.

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella showed up also:)