Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Molly on vacation

I have so many pictures that I want to post from vacation. These are all of Molly. We thought she was just a little sick with a cold but ended up having a pretty bad ear infection (which we found out when we got back home). She didn't sleep well at all the first night but her energy during the day wasn't gone! Molly loved all of our vacation time. She loved hiking, going out to eat and even the campfire. She has no fear of new things.

Just today we were at the mall playing in the play area for a little while. She saw a man playing peek-a-boo with his little girl and so Molly just goes right over and starts playing peek-a-boo with them also. Then a few minutes later she just ran up and sort of hugged his leg! Wow, was he surprised! I love that she is so friendly but we definitely have to watch her. She isn't afraid of much.

Showing us her loot from "Fun World."
Putting 3-D glasses on a My Little Pony pinata.
Molly giving Daddy his phone, while I was trying to take a pic of him and Abbie. Molly does this all the time, she does not like peoples things laying around out of place:)
Anna helping Molly get her many layers off. Anna really wanted to help Molly and Molly thought it was so fun for Anna to help her (she doesn't usually let others help her though).
Bradley was kneeling waiting for the rest of us to catch up during a hike and Molly ran up and did the exact same thing next to him. She loves Bradley and loves to imitate him!

All dressed warmly and ready to go outside. It was really cold this day, for us Floridians!


  1. what a cute little girl you have, Kari. I just love Molly :)Did you get the pics from the CD I gave you? There is a really cute one of Molly with her fur hoodie UP... What a doll

  2. What a cutie pie!!!

    I LOVE her mittens and hat.

    Love ya,