Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vacation to Georgia-First Day (1/20/09)

I decided to post about our vacation differently.  Yes, I already posted pictures of Molly (sorry Abbie and Graham) and yes it was two weeks ago, I am just behind. 

We had planned to leave first thing Tuesday morning which would get us there Tuesday afternoon/evening.  But it was snowing on Monday and was supposed to snow all day Tuesday which we didn't want to miss.  So we decided to leave late Monday night, which actually ended up being Tuesday (it was 12:30am when we left).  The drive there went great.  The only problem was we didn't have complete directions so we drove to where the map told us but there was no cabin.  We realized the problem and tried to use Marty's GPS on his phone to figure it out but it wasn't able determine where we were.  Then we tried to call Mat and Brittani for directions but no phone signal.  We ended up having to drive about 2 miles until we got a signal!  Needless to say, we learned to not just depend on technology to get you where you need to go:)

Also, before we got lost, Abbie was getting really carsick from the really, really windy roads. (We didn't take that way home.) Her face had absolutely no color and she kept saying how bad her tummy hurt.  We were thankful she didn't throw up and that she ended up falling asleep.

When we finally arrived to the cabin it was snowing a little.  The kids all thought that was pretty cool.  Well, Graham was a little disappointed saying "where is the snow" because we had snow in Oklahoma when he was younger.  The boys, Graham, Bradley, Marty and Mat, went sledding and had a blast.  The girls stayed in the warm house and played instead.  

Here's a picture of Bradley and Graham all bundled up to go sledding and you can see how much snow there was:

That evening we celebrated Anna's 4th Birthday with a My Little Pony party!  Here's the birthday girl!

All ready to get some candy. And yes Mat is wearing a Pony crown!

All the party kids! (Molly loved that her PJs matched Anna's)

After the party and baths, now Anna and Abbie have matching PJs.  We didn't plan it, we just both shop at Target a lot.

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