Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not yet

We were supposed to have new carpet put in downstairs and in our bedroom on Tuesday. Well when the installers went to pick it up, they didn’t have the padding?! Marty and I had gotten these rooms completely ready for install, which meant that we had moved everything out of these rooms. Since our living room was empty Abbie, Molly and I had a picnic lunch on the floor.

(Marty put the chair and table in the room so we could have a place to sit.)

Then Marty suggested we set up our tent inside for the kids to play in. They all had a blast eating dinner in the tent and playing.

The installers were able to put the carpet in Wednesday and it looks amazing! I will post some pictures later. We got rid of our ugly berber and now have friese (a type of shag). It is a drastic difference!

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  1. Way to see the silver lining! I'm sure your kids thought the whole thing was a blast!