Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day was on a Saturday this year, we had a special "Valentine Party" breakfast together as a family. Marty put up some balloons and streamers around the kitchen table. We also made pink heart pancakes with strawberries and cool whip. I had bought these cute heart shaped plates that have sayings like conversation hearts do. (they were a little hard to eat with though since the words stick up on the plate)

The kids with their Valentine's breakfast.

All decorated for the "Valentine Party."

We gave the kids there presents from Memaw and Papaw, which of course they loved. They got a Bibleman DVD from them also and they have watched it many times since.

Then we each passed out our gifts. I had just gotten Marty something little but thoughtful. I bought him a Rock Em Sock Em Robots. He has commented many times about them and how he loved playing with it when he was younger, and since he still loves playing with toys what better gift could I give him?

Marty and Graham playing with the new toy.

Molly got a toy with Mickey and Minnie and had them in the boxing ring with the Robots.

Well, Marty ended up surprising me a lot. He told me on Friday he was excited to give me my present and that it was small. Well it was small but only in size. It was my mom's wedding ring! We had used the diamond from it for my original wedding ring (that got stolen) and had wanted to fix my mom's ring for a long time. And he surprised me and got it fixed for me to wear!! I, of course, started crying when I opened it. It is such a wonderful and thoughtful present!

Me wearing my Valentine's present.

My mom wearing the same ring while holding me.

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  1. I am not sure how I missed this post but I did! What an amazing gift- your mom is smiling down on you and oh so proud of you and your precious family! Oh how I miss you I so wish you were here even more now that I am a mom too!

    Love you-