Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day

Monday was President's Day so Graham had a day off from school. It was an absolutely beautiful day (and they were finishing our carpet) so I decided to take the kids to Maitland park. I told you we would be going back soon!

The kids loved playing in the sand of the volleyball court. When we got home they all still had a ton of sand in their shoes.

Can you tell that Graham was excited about the bumpy roller slide?

Ever since our vacation, Molly has really started to have a thing about sticks. She carried this around for a long time until I wouldn't let her climb up the ladder with it in her hand.

I love Abbie's little face in this picture. She is doing a great job learning to swing by herself. She almost has it, she just needs to realize that she can do it.

Molly is such a little daredevil sometimes. She was making me nervous while she was swinging like this, but she absolutely loved it! Graham was such a sweet big brother pushing Molly.

After our long day, Molly was worn out at dinner time. Notice she only ate about one bite of her food, she was exhausted!


  1. What a fun day! The sand in everything makes me cringe :)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day! I miss that Florida weather!

  3. sweet pictures. I MISS YOU. I feel like we haven't hung out in a while. What in the world?!
    Well, LOVE the pics. That pic of Molly sleeping is too cute :)