Saturday, February 7, 2009

Monster Jam

Graham and Marty went to the Monster Jam two weeks ago, on January 24. This year they went with some friends early to the preshow where you can get your picture taken with the trucks and meet some of the drivers. All the boys loved seeing the trucks up close. I think that Graham's favorite part about going early was that they ate ribs from a street vendor (Marty said they were probably the best ribs he has ever had). He has asked a few times when he can have ribs again!

All the boys before seeing the monster trucks.

Here they are with Graham's favorite truck, Grave Digger.

Graham looks so small on the huge monster truck.

Daddy and Graham, Graham loved spending the day with his daddy.

Graham with his stuffed Grave Digger that our friends bought him. He has been sleeping with it every night since! You can sort of tell in the pic that Graham and Marty were very close, about on the 4th or 5th row. When they first started Graham got really upset because it was so loud. Once they got ear plugs, actually double earplugs, he was great and loved it.

Graham's favorite truck, Grave Digger, after winning. He crashed right before this and Graham got really upset until Marty explained that sometimes they do that for the crowd:)

Monster Jam has definitely become a yearly boys tradition!

Here's a video of the silly boys killing time before the Monster Jam begins.


  1. Josh makes me go every year- well we are skipping this year- one good reason to have a boy! Although I kinda enjoy it maybe Bella will. Great pictures!

  2. those pics are adorable! Those boys sure do love those monster trucks

  3. that is so awesome. connor and camden would absolutely love going to monster jam. i think camden would have to have a 3rd set of ear plugs. he thinks the vacuum is too loud!!