Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vacation- 1/22/09

Thursday was a wonderful day.  It was warmer this day and the kids loved being outside.  After Breakfast, we all went for a short hike and had so much fun.  The mountains were beautiful and it was great to be outside.
The whole group ready for our hike.

All the kids bundled up going down the hill.

Graham especially enjoyed the hike and collecting things to show his class.

Molly absolutely loved her "walking stick." She did not want to put it down.

Molly loved that Anna wanted to help her get unbundled. 

After our hike, the boys made a fire and cooked hotdogs for lunch.  The funniest part was that it took a while for the fire to get going since the wood was a little wet from snow.  When the fire was finally ready to cook the hotdogs, we realized noone had gotten more hotdogs from the store.  We only had 4 hotdogs!  Here are the men cooking the (4) hotdogs. Graham is holding his nose from the smoke, not picking it.

After lunch we made smores by the fire though. They were so yummy! Here's Graham and I making our smores.

That evening we went to "Fun World" which is a huge arcade.  On the drive, the girls were really quiet.  Well, we discovered why when we got there.

We ate dinner there and then found out that they were closing in about 20 minutes!  So we played as many games as we could and as fast as we could.  We all commented afterwards that it really was a blessing and was fun.  We didn't have to deal with overtired or whiny kids because they were to busy trying to play as many games as they could.  And the kids still got some prizes and got to play lots of games.  We (actually Brittani) had to stop and take a picture outside the "Fun World" sign. 


  1. that was a great post. i had totally forgot about how NOBODY bought the hot dogs! I laughed out loud reading that... THAT was a bummer. Anyway, Cute post. that pic of the girls cracks me up!

  2. The picture of the girls sleeping in the van is priceless! I don't know how they can actually sleep that way.