Friday, February 6, 2009

Vacation - Last day

Our last day of vacation was mostly just getting ready to leave. The kids had a blast running around and playing outside. When we left, we followed Mat and Brittani this time so the roads weren't so windy. Much better on the way home, no one got car sick!

It couldn't go that easy, so on our stop for dinner we got a flat tire?!

One of our first concerns was that we couldn't drive all the way home on a spare. Wow, amazing how God helped us get it fixed and how quickly was amazing. First we couldn't drive the car at all, so we were pulled off in the grass under the bridge. We didn't have our Allstate Motor Club card with us, but technology was on our side this time (unlike on the way to the cabin). Allstate connected us with a Tow Company that called us immediately. And even better the Tow truck was only about 10 minutes away. Marty walked the kids and myself across the street to Sonny's, which we all love their food. As soon as we got across the street, the tow company called and they were at our car already. The driver had a friend that works at Tires Plus, right down the road, and had already called his friend to get them to stay open late for us! We were just blown away by the Tow driver and how much he went over and beyond what was necessary.

The kids did amazingly well at Sonny's.  They were so sweet and helpful.  I know they were glad to be out of the car and enjoyed coloring but they really made the experience so much better and so much easier.  

(someone obviously took the picture because it was funny. We didn't have that special that's for sure)
So within an hour or so, we had a new tire and had eaten a yummy dinner at Sonny's. What an adventure!

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