Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice Cream, You Scream

This morning the Co-op went on a field trip to tour Hershey's Ice Cream store. They showed us how they make an ice cream cake and frost it. Abbie got to mix some of the frosting and really loved that part. We also got to watch them make a waffle cone.

Abbie finishing mixing the frosting. (she was actually really excited about it and was the first to volunteer)

All the kids watching the ice cream cake being frosted.

Watching the waffle cone being made.

The favorite part of the day was definitely getting to eat ice cream! Especially since it was before lunch. They thought it was so funny that they were able to eat dessert before lunch:) Abbie had "Superman" ice cream. It was red, blue and yellow and must have had a TON of food coloring in it.

Abbie and Molly eating their ice cream.

Molly was putting every last sprinkle back in her bowl.

Abbie eating her Superman ice cream.

Abbie got ice cream all over her face and eyebrow. The blue, red and yellow mixed together made a brownish black color.

It was a fun morning and I know we will be going back for ice cream there again as a family!

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  1. that looked so fun! I am bummed that we missed it. I am proud of you for taking pics :) that's my girl :)