Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Graham's cards

Graham loves to bring home cards and pictures for his daddy that he made at school. Graham absolutely loves his daddy and loves spending time with him. When we have gotten stickers, like at the doctor or Payless (we did just the other day), he always asks for an extra one for his daddy. He is so great at making notes telling his daddy how much he loves him.

All of this made it even sweeter that the other day he brought this home from school - for me!!

I love the "XO" on the envelope.

A while after I told him how much I loved it, he came back and was asking me about specific things he drew and if I liked them. It was so fun to listen to how much thought he put into it. He also told me that it took him almost his entire center time. He really wanted me to know how much time and thought he put into it!
I love my boy and his special bond with his daddy. I also love that he thinks I am "the best mommy in the world (to me)."


  1. This is so sweet! I love getting cards like that (they don't come very often :)

  2. Love it. I hope you have a special box for those. :) Love you

  3. oh my word! Totally made me cry. How sweet to hear him say you are the best! Don't you just love how God encourages you with something as sweet as that?!!! Too precious. Thanks for sharing with us

  4. Love it! so special! Hug that sweet boy for me!