Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Fun Night

Last Friday night Graham's school, Choices in Learning, had a Family Fun Night. The Kindergarten and 1st grade classes had a little demonstration of what they do in gym class with the parachute. (I remember I always loved playing with these in elementary.)

Graham (in the navy shirt) getting ready.

Graham super excited about something!!

The kids making a "mushroom." It must have been so loud underneath there. We could hear them all squealing and laughing, it was very funny.

Abbie hugging her daddy.

After the parachuting, we (and I mean the kids and Marty) ate some hotdogs. They also had some cotton candy, popcorn and chips, you know the well rounded meal (I will eat these just not hotdogs). The funny thing with the cotton candy was that it was windy so it was blowing all over the people making it. Graham's teacher was helping make some and she didn't want to get it in her hair so she put a plastic bag, I think it was a hotdog bun bag, over her hair. Graham thought it was hilarious. Then the kids got their faces painted. I somehow didn't get a picture of Abbie getting her face painted, but she loved it and did great.

Molly wasn't exactly sure what to think. She just kept scrunching her neck over when the person put the brush on her cheek. She sat there though with this blank look on her face while the lady painted her cheek, but smiled big when she saw her flower in the mirror!

Graham was telling her that he didn't want to have his face painted at first because he thought it would feel weird but that he doesn't think it feels weird now:) This is so Graham's personality, he is cautious about new things but usually once he tries it he likes it!

I have decided to just use the group pictures that turn out aweful that way when my kids are older they will know that I at least tried to get a picture of them all together:)

Molly's purple flower.

Abbie's pink flower, her favorite color. Her hair just kept sticking to the flower.

Graham got a lightning bolt on each cheek.

After we face painted, the kids played on the playground. I now understand why Graham has a huge pile of sand in his shoes and clothes everyday:) The kids were so dirty afterwords but had a blast. (I didn't think about the playground either so the girls were wearing sandals)

This picture actually barely shows all the dirt on Molly's feet. They were almost black they were so so dirty!! (The picture does show all the use we have gotten out of this carseat we have had since Graham was about 6 or 7 months old (almost 6 years ago). I believe, it has been used consistently since then.)


  1. What a fun night. I didn't know Graham went to school at Choices. How do you guys like it?

  2. What a fun family night! I miss you guys so much wish we were there or you were here so we could see you!

    Love you-