Friday, March 13, 2009

My arms

I usually make it a point not to complain about my weight, because I want my kids to learn how to be healthy not just not be overweight. Well, I made the mistake of commenting how my arms are "jiggly" like an old lady.

This is definitely not my arm but I found this picture and just couldn't resist posting it. Wow, is all I can say!

Abbie thought that was so funny and asked if she could jiggle them! Well, of course, then Graham thought that was so funny and wanted to be a part also. What??
Then this morning Abbie randomly asked me about jiggling my arms again! What did I do?
So now I just need to find some good exercises to slim my arms so my kids stop making fun of them. I would say lesson learned, no more negative comments about my body.


  1. that is hilarious! I totally feel your pain! That reminds me of the time when Bradley asked me if I had a baby in my tummy (about 2 years ago). When I told him NO, he said, "then why does it look like that?" YEAH... That was no fun to hear

  2. I realized as my girls got older that I had to stop complaining about my weight in front of my kids. It's no fun to hear your 7 year old say they don't want to wear a certain pair of pants because it makes their butt look big. That was a reality check for me.

  3. I'm in the same boat, but a bit more dramatic- my boyfriend's mother had a heart attack because she thought I was pregnant. I got my stomach stapled after that. Now I can only eat one Big Mac when I go to McDonalds.