Monday, March 9, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

On Friday night Abbie and Marty went to the "Daddy Daughter Dance" at Northland. They went last year and it has definitely become a tradition to go. Next year Molly will probably go also.
Abbie was so excited to get to have time with only her and her daddy. This year she got all dressed up and was so excited to go! I asked her right before this picture "Abbie are you excited to go to the dance?"

This was her super excited "yes" response.

She loves to spin in this dress.

Abbie and her daddy all ready to go.


Gracie and Abbie thought it was so fun that they had almost the same dress on. Molly wanted to put on her matching dress also.

Daddy giving Abbie her pink flowers!

Abbie, Marty, Greg and Gracie leaving for the dance.

They had a great time. They got there pictures taken at the dance that we can get next week. They got to eat some cotton candy and color and make a cute tissue paper flower. Then Pastor Joel spoke for a short time and they played a video with pictures from the night. Abbie got a goodie bag with a flower pot, seeds, candy and a few other little things. I don't think that they actually even danced at the dance but they had a blast getting all dressed up and just being together!


  1. So precious!!! What a fun night. So glad our girls have such sweet daddies!

    Love ya,

  2. so cute! i love their dresses! What sweet daddys :)