Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

This is the lunch Molly had for St. Patrick's Day:

Green apple, kiwi, string cheese (in a green package), PB&J with green peanut butter and some green juice (it is kiwi, guava, strawberry-so yummy!)

Graham only eats peanut butter on his sandwich. He wouldn't eat his sandwich with the green peanut butter. He said it just looked too gross and he couldn't eat with his eyes closed, like I suggested:)

Abbie ate every bite of her sandwich, which surprised me. She is usually the one that won't try new things.

I again attempted a picture of all three kids, here are a few:

Not one is looking at the camera!

Maybe if I cover my mouth or look at someone else.

Molly is done with this and I was done trying.

I believe that my kids win the award for worst picture taking ability. When I try to take a group picture they act as if they have no idea what taking their picture means or like they can't understand what look at the camera means, wow it is frustrating!

I did get a few other cute pics though.

Graham swinging

I love that Molly's hair is getting long enough to put it up in a ponytail.

Daddy with his girls!

Also, Molly has been having a hard time taking her afternoon naps since she moved into her big girl bed. On St. Patrick's Day she finally fell asleep, just not in the right place!

She is up against her door. I could open her door just enough to stick my arm in and get a picture:)

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  1. cute cute cute post! I love the lunch... you are so martha stewart. :-) I love it!