Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting ready for new carpet

Today we got the kids rooms and playroom ready for the carpet installation. We had to take everything off the floor, which meant taking the girls bunk bed and crib apart (so Molly is moving to the lower bunk bed). When I was putting their mattresses on the floor they all thought it was so fun and were excited to sleep on the floor that night. Well, Graham asked if he could bring his mattress in also and sleep next to the girls. He doesn't have school tomorrow so I said yes. Wow, I have never seen my kids be so excited to go to sleep! They actually asked if they could take a nap:) They never actually went to sleep but I didn't mind since that meant they would be more tired at night and go to sleep better.

Here they are getting ready to "nap" (Graham always does something silly in pictures lately). The three mattresses took up almost the whole room:)

Tonight they did great going to sleep. They, of course, talked for a short time but then they all went to sleep and there were no problems - yeah!

Getting the carpet installed has been a bit of a pain moving all the furniture, but it looks so great. Here is the difference:

We went from berber (the light color) to friese (darker one). Just an FYI, if you ever move into a house and don't like the carpet, figure out a way to change it before you move in. It will be so much easier!


  1. the new carpet looks great! I am so excited for you. The pic of the kids is adorable! I am sure that was one talkative "nap time". Great tip about changing the carpet before move in :)

  2. Love the new carpet! I used to beg my mom to sleep with Amy and Becca so I say let them slumber away!
    Those will be priceless memories!

    I love ya and miss you!