Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vacation-Second Day (1/21/09)

Wednesday morning Mat made piggy pancakes for all the kids. They turned out great and of course all the kids loved them!
Anna, Abbie and Molly (in the background) with their piggy pancakes.

Aren't they so fun?

That day we hung around the house playing and trying to stay warm.  Abbie and Anna loved playing together.  Aren't they so sweet in this picture?  I think it's sweet how Abbie's foot is wrapped under Anna's leg.

That evening we went to dinner at Rib Country with Mat's family.  They had paper bags for the kids to color on, so Marty being the kid he is made a mask out of one of them!

The food was great and the dessert was amazing.  Marty and I had a fried apple pie, yum! (there were no WW points counted this day)  I don't know what to say about the sign, especially since Mat's mom works there:)

The whole group after dinner:

I love this picture that Brittani took of Molly in her jacket.  Molly loved wearing her warm jacket and having the hood up.  I guess she loves pink furry things?!

I already posted the video of the girls singing a Hannah Montana song in the car so I won't post it again, but man were they so funny to listen to in the car.  All 3 of there little squeaky voices!

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