Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 out of 5

So this first week of kindergarten was not what we expected. Because of Hurricane Fay, Graham only had two days of school. He went his first day on Monday and then had Tuesday and Wednesday off, then had school on Thursday and off again on Friday.  Definitely, didn't help me get into a routine of getting up early and being ready.  Oh well, hopefully this next week will be better.  
I was so excited this morning when I woke up and there was sunshine! (We haven't seen that in a week)  But this afternoon it started raining again, YUCK!  I read that we had a total of 11 to 14 inches of rain!  Graham isn't going to be able to play on the playground at school for probably a week at least because it was completely flooded. What an interesting start to the school year!  

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