Saturday, November 8, 2008

Graham's Green Meadows

I mentioned in my last post that Graham went with his Kindergarten class to Green Meadows. His friend Tristan's mom went with them and she took some pictures of Graham with his friends, Sebastian and Tristan. They have become quite good friends. It is so fun to see them together.

Graham was very excited to get to ride the school bus. But he told me he was really bored since it took an hour to get to Green Meadows and as he said "we couldn't play, we could only sit there."

Tristan, Graham and Sebastian riding the train
S, G, T riding the school bus
S, G, T in front of the pigs
Graham telling Tristan's mom that it stinks

Graham and Tristan 


  1. That was so sweet of your friend to take pics for you. The pic of the boys on the bus is too cute. I can't imagine seeing Bradley on a school bus! That seems soooo grown up! Anyway, cute pics.

  2. Kari, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Check out my blog to see what this means...