Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree

This year we were able to put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I know this is a tradition for lots of people but it hasn't been for us.  I realized that Marty and I have celebrated 13 Thanksgivings as husband and wife (we celebrated our 12th anniversary in August) and of those 13 we have lived 9 of them in Florida. So needless to say we have traveled almost all those Thanksgivings. If I remember correctly, this year is only the 2nd time to not celebrate with our family. It was fun to get to put up our tree and not be traveling the day after Thanksgiving. (Although of course we missed getting to spend time with family) Memaw and Papaw (Marty's parents) bought us these Christmas stuffed animals that sing together and Molly absolutely loves them!  Here the girls are playing with them while we are putting up the tree.

I'm not sure what I was thinking letting them play with them because hearing "Jingle Bells" 50 times got really, really old.
We got our tree up, fluffed and the lights working and then the boys headed to the Car Show so we ended up decorating it Saturday morning. We had the kids line up so they each got one ornament and then Marty helped them hang the ornaments. They all loved being apart of decorating the tree. Molly definitely enjoyed helping but she needs a little work on ornament placement. This was her idea of where all the ornaments should go (this was after some of them were moved):

Here are all the kids proud of their Christmas tree:

Abbie thinks the tree is so pretty and keeps wanting to touch all the sparkly ornaments. On Saturday during her naptime, she came downstairs and asked me "Can I look at the tree? It's so pretty and sparkly." How could I say no go back to sleep right now?  She has been showing Molly every ornament on the tree and pointing out which ones she hung.  She also likes to point out the OU ornament and that Graham hung that one up:) So proud of our little Sooner!


  1. such a beautiful tree! You are going to laugh at mine.. almost all of the ornaments were either picked out by the kids or made by the kids. i love the pic of your kids by the tree. Too cute. I miss you guys. I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have seen you. See you in the morning. I am helping in the girl's class tomorrow

  2. My kids look forward to decorating the tree every year. I think it is mostly because our tradition is to make a lot of junk food to eat throughout the day while we decorate. The way to my kid's hearts is definitely through their stomachs.