Monday, December 8, 2008

It's my sweet 16!

Today is my 16th birthday - of having my license. I remember this day so well. Of course when you turn 16 you have to get your license on that day. Well, my mom was going into the hospital that day and my dad was with her so my best friend's (Betsy) dad offered to take me to get my license. He was so incredibly supportive and had me practice parallel parking and driving before we went for my test. I remember how happy and excited Mr. Blundell was for me when I told him I passed. He had a huge proud smile on his face, hugged me and said congrats just like a dad would. The Blundell's were just like family to me and I am so glad that I got to share this experience (and many, many others) with them!

Myself and Betsy a few weeks after my 16th birthday. I took a pic of the photo since I don't have a scanner.  This was 1992 so don't make fun:) Please don't kill me Betsy for posting this photo. I love you and just wanted to remember how wonderful your family has been to me!


  1. Happy Sweet 16x2! That picture of you and Betsy is awesome!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I can remeber that like it was yesterday- I can see you pulling out of the driveway as mom and I were going to school! I read the post to Dad and he is still the same proud dad! Oh as far as the picture goes could those glasses been ANY BIGGER good grief- well we were cool and sylish for 1992! I cannot belive is has been so many years!

    Happy Birthday- We love you much!


  3. kari- that is so true about getting your license ON your birthday. the tag agency wasn't open on the day of my birthday so i had my mom drive me to another town so i could get my license. my best friends birthday was the next day and i just had to get my license before her!! Happy Birthday!

  4. What a great Birthday post. . .too funny. Happy Birthday. . .glad your day was fun. . but sorr your present from us sucked! haha

    Love you,