Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday update

I wanted to blog about my actual birthday.  This birthday was especially fun because the kids (mostly Graham) were so excited about my birthday.  Marty had taken Graham and then Molly and Abbie together to pick out presents for me.  Graham was really excited to give me my present and I bet you'll never guess why.  Well if you have a 6 year old I bet you will - it was mostly a present for him to play with.  It was a nerf gun that shoots balls but Marty and Graham usually have nerf dart wars that I get caught in the middle of - so I am excited to finally be able to defend myself!  Abbie and Molly picked me out some cute pink pajamas (I guess they don't like my old t- shirt and old pants).  Then Marty let them go look at toys for a little and Abbie saw a little Care Bear and she really wanted to buy it for me also.  So funny, so I got a pink and a purple Care Bear also.  
Graham was so sweet Monday morning.  The first thing he told me when I woke him up was "Happy Birthday, Mommy."  Then at breakfast he told me that I could open my presents while he was at school.  He just really wanted me to have my present. 
Marty picked up Amigo's (yummy mexican) on his way home and we had a family dinner.  Then I had to go upstairs for a while and this is what I came down to - Marty did a good job didn't he. 
All my gifts nicely coordinated (the cake matched also)!
Trying to get a decent photo with the kids. (Abbie has really got to learn how to look at the camera:)

I had to take some pics of the kids in their matching pajamas also.  Again, this was the best we could get of all them together.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I had fun standing in line forever with you on Friday :)