Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas - the part I forgot

On Christmas Eve day, the kids and I went to the Christmas Eve service at Northland.  Marty was able to sit with us also.  That morning Graham had been complaining that his ear hurt which I just thought maybe he had gotten some water in it or something.  He didn't seem to bothered by it at the time, but when we got to church he kept complaining and asking to go to the doctor.  And last time he went to the doctor, just a few weeks ago, he had to get a shot so I figured his ear must have really hurt.  During the service, Marty got Graham some tylenol from my car and took Graham backstage where there was lots of food.  Graham seemed to be feeling better after that and I couldn't decide whether or not to take him to The Little Clinic since our doctor was closed.  I decided not to take him since he seemed to be better.

That afternoon we made our Christmas cookies for Santa but when we were going to decorate them Graham said he just wanted to lay down and rest. He went and laid down in his bed and fell asleep for a little while.  But he woke up right before bed time and was so upset that he didn't get to decorate a cookie for Santa. He was better when I told him that I decorated one to give Santa and that he could decorate more tomorrow.  

When he tried to go back to sleep, he was miserable.  He couldn't go to sleep and when he came downstairs and told me he had liquid coming out of his ear I decided he definitely had to go to the doctor. So as soon as Marty got home from service around 9:30pm, he took Graham to the After Hours Clinic.  The poor boy ended up having a bad ear infection AND strep throat (yes that's what he had right before Thanksgiving also). I was so sad for him and didn't want him to be feeling bad on Christmas.  

By the time they got home, it was around 11:30pm.  Marty went back out around 12:30am or so to get Graham's medicine.  Thank goodness for 24 hour Walgreens. When Graham woke up again at 2am, Marty gave him his first dose of Antibiotics and some pain medicine.  He woke up again around 4am and then slept until about 7:30.  Well, it was amazing how much better he felt Christmas morning.  He had actually cleaned up his room completely before he came into our room:)  I had told him that we needed to clean his room to make room for his new toys, but we never got around to it since he was so sick.  God definitely helped him feel better sooner than he should have.  Marty and I were so thankful that he got to enjoy Christmas completely!!  Really, I mostly forgot about it that's why I didn't put it in my last post.


  1. I know exactly how Graham was feeling. I had to have 5 sets of tubes when I was little because my ears were so bad. I can remember numerous times waking up because my ears were hurting. Would go to the doctor and my ear would either be close to rupturing or did rupture. Ears are the worst. Glad he enjoyed Christmas!

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