Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread House

The other day the kids and I were at Target, which we have done way to many times lately, and Graham saw some Gingerbread houses. He was so excited and kept asking me if we could get one and saying "I've never made a gingerbread house before." Well, we never had made one as a family and I myself have never made one at all. So of course, I decided to buy one (and they were on sale-even better)!  We worked on the house as a family and it was a lot of fun.  I am definitely glad that we didn't do it my way, which would have been just put icing on and let the kids put candy wherever.  Marty did amazing with the kids and also putting the icing on:)  The kids really enjoyed getting to put on one candy at a time and they especially liked doing their own pieces.  And Molly kept putting the candy in her mouth, so she enjoyed getting to eat some of the candy.

Working on the gingerbread house.
I guess I didn't know we were making silly faces:)
Graham, Molly & Abbie with their gingerbread house.
Marty finished it completely after the kids went to bed.

I think this will become a Christmas tradition. We all enjoyed doing it together and it made it feel a little bit more like Christmas (especially since it has been 80 degrees here).


  1. Maybe it's time for me to try this again. We did this 3 years ago with 5 kids under 6. It was a little to crazy and messy for me.

  2. That house does look very "Marty-esque." He always puts such nice touches on things. :) I miss you all!!

  3. Your house turned out so cute! Last year our's was kind of a train wreck! I am impressed. Oh course, I didn't have the help of the "director of Creative Atrs" ! Maybe that is what I was missing... Love you