Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas day was especially relaxing and fun this year. We got up about the same time as normal and let the kids open their stockings and one present. Then we ate a big breakfast together. Then this year Marty had the idea of us each taking turns opening a present while everyone watches, and it was great!  The kids did wonderful at waiting their turn and being excited for each others gifts.  It did take a while for 5 people to open presents one by one - but it was worth it.  After we opened presents we got to play with the presents for a while and then eat a small lunch.  Then we played more and had our Christmas dinner, Honey Baked Ham - yum. 
The kids waiting to open their first presents. They had opened their stockings already.  The girls PJs say "I'm Santa's best gift." I had bought Graham one's that said "I'm santa's coolest gift" but they were too small. 
Molly with her new teddy bear blanket from Memaw and Papaw.
Cinderella as a rockstar. 
Molly trying out Abbie's new guitar.
Daddy trying out Molly's new towel.
Ironman decided to try out the Barbie house. (Graham was upset today when he saw that I had taken a picture of him playing in the Barbie house - wow he is growing up to fast!) 

Graham was funny opening his presents this year because he kept asking "who is this from."   He was very sweet about it.  Molly got a surprised looked on her face every present she opened - so cute.  Abbie was especially sweet about her Princess Wii game.  She gave her daddy a big hug and said she wanted to play the game with him and that she loved it (in her sweet, sort of whiny voice).  It brought Marty and I both to tears.  It was just a wonderful Christmas spending time together as a family.


  1. What GREAT pictures! Love Marty in that lovely towel. Love, LOVE Abby as Cinderella with a guitar. HATE that Graham is old enouhg to not even want pictures of him playing in the doll house! what the heck?

    Love ya!

  2. I love Molly's surprise face! It makes me want to buy her tons of gifts :) sweet baby. It sounds like you guys had a great day. Don't you love when God gives you those sweet family memories that you know you will remember forever?! He is so good to us! Isn't He?!
    ps we love the pic of Marty wearing the towel. How can Graham care about the doll house pic when daddy was online wearing THAT?!