Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny things about my day

This afternoon the kids and I were playing outside and our dog, Bean, was outside with us. I heard him whining a little and just figured it was at our neighbor's dog. Then I walked over and saw this:

He tries to chase geckos and they love to try to hide in this sandbox (that is now toy storage since I don't trust my kids to keep the sand in the box and not put it all over our backyard). He could barely get out by himself so I'm not sure if one of the kids (i.e. Molly) moved the lid on him or it just happened.

Then tonight Molly was looking at this cool book we have called "gallop" where it shows a bunch of different animals and it looks like they are running or flying or whatever they do.

So when the kids were going to bed, I told them to tell everyone goodnight. Molly then decided she wanted to give kisses to every animal in her book!! I laughed when I saw what she was doing so of course she continued and made sure I saw every kiss she did:)


  1. Cute. I love the picture of the dog. That's great!

  2. so cute. those pics of the dog are hilarious! I laughed out loud. Oh the things our dogs go through with kids in the house :)

  3. poor bean! Cracked me up, though, I must say