Monday, April 20, 2009

Abbie's 4th Birthday!!

Abbie turned 4 on 4/4. (yes over two weeks ago) We had a fun family celebration Friday night and had pizza and cake. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday meal, she actually told me she wanted pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers! I thought that was a little much:) She was so funny when I was trying to ask her favorite food. I was asking about her favorite restaurant and her favorite food but at first she just kept telling me she wanted to eat "good food" at home. She asks me at every meal "mommy, are we eating good food or gross food?" We have actually had to tell her she isn't aloud to say food is gross if she doesn't like it. So back to her birthday - we had a fun little family party at home and Abbie opened her presents.

Here is Abbie blowing out her 4 candles! It was cute because she blew out each candle individually.

Then on Saturday, her actual birthday, Abbie and I went to breakfast at First Watch with Brittani and Anna. Here are the girls waiting to be seated:

Then we took the girls to pick out matching dresses. They were so adorable trying on their dresses. The girls were jumping around in the dressing room and we just kept laughing at how cute they were dancing around and giggling!

Abbie never gets to try on clothes at the store or even pick out her own clothes, so she loved this!

Birthday girl and the model:)

Then after they picked out a dress and a necklace, we went and took some pictures! I kind of just volunteered Brittani to take the pictures because she always does such a great job! Thanks for being so willing Brittani (even thought I don't know that I ever really asked), I love all the pictures!!

Mommy tickling her sweet 4 year old princess

Brittani was having Abbie do this same pose and Molly ran over and did the same thing so she could have her picture taken also. She loves her big sister and always wants to be a part of what she is doing.

I can't believe it's been 4 years!

Molly really liked swinging.

Graham decided he wanted to layout in the sun while us girls took pictures!

Anna and Abbie

When I first saw this picture, I had to look at it twice they look so much the same.

Cupcakes again. Anna kept asking where the cupcakes where. I love that kids have to have cake for it to really be someones birthday.

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  1. Oh happy birthday sweet Abby! I so remember coming to see you in norman when you were born wish you were closer but I know you love florida! You look so much like your mommy when she was that age and I pray you turn into an amazing women just like her someday!

    We love you sweet girl!