Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friends and fun

The other day we went to a friends house and the kids got to play together. Us adults actually got to talk some also. We had lots of fun and need to be more proactive about doing things like this regularly. I am not good at planning ahead of time at all. In the moment I promise myself I will be better at planning - someday I'll get there. The bad thing about not doing this often is that my kids get obsessed with the new toys and they don't want to do anything else (like play with their friend). So for probably the first hour they just want to play with and explore all the different toys. But after that they all played really well together. Here are some fun pics I took during the day and then some from that evening outside.
Molly wrestling the crocodile.
Abbie all dressed as usual.
Graham & Bradley dressed up also. Here they are in their rock band.
Ready for their basketball game.
My view of Molly giving me a hug. Such a sweetie!
Outside swinging, one of Abbie's favorite things. 

Graham making himself fall of the swing. I guess he got tired of swinging.


  1. These are such great pictures! I love them. . especially the one of Abbie dressed up in the flower girl dress and the boys playing band together.. that one captured them both so perfectly! Love it!

    Love ya,

  2. Apparently, I haven't seen Graham in a very long time! I didn't even recognize him with all that hair!! I love it!