Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Before kids

Before kids I never put things on my fridge. I believe I said I never would. Well, even after kids this was all we had:
Graham lining up all his magnets.

But slowly in the last year or so my fridge has had more and more kids drawings on it. I have tried to fight it. I have spread the papers around so there were only a few on each of the 3 sides. But last week this is what I came down to:

Graham had pulled up a chair to the fridge and in his own words "made it look like an art gallery." (he was standing on the chair that's why they are only on the top) I have to admit, I kind of like it.  Yes, I love things simple. I would love a clean fridge with absolutely nothing on it, but I love that it is a constant reminder of my sweet kids and their creativity. There is actually a painting done by my husband - also a sweet reminder that he still enjoys acting like a kid. So I am learning to get joy from the mess and the toys because I have such a short time with them here on earth. I am learning to enjoy all that parenting brings because God blessed me and allowed me to have 3 amazing, healthy kids:)


  1. Oh, I LOVE that fridge! The hardest part is trying to throw things away after a couple weeks without them seeing you. I have been caught in the action before and they were so offended!!

  2. ha ha... I said the same thing, " I could never have my fridge get all tacky with stuff." Yeah, that pretty much isn't working anymore. I believe there is something about looking at your own kids' art, that makes it o.k. :-)

    You have such sweet art work up there!