Monday, March 29, 2010

Abbie's comments

Abbie said two really cute things today and I wanted to make sure and write them down.
Molly, Abbie and I were at Publix today, grocery shopping obviously. At the check out, Abbie immediately asked if she could have a balloon. Molly has decided after our last trip when her balloon floated to the ceiling that she doesn't want balloons anymore, even though they gave her another one:) I said, "Abbie you just got a cookie." But of course she still wanted a balloon and the sweet grandma cashier really wanted her to have one, so I said "yes, you can have a balloon as long as if it goes to the ceiling you don't get upset."

While the cashier was ringing our groceries up, we all noticed that there were a lot of balloons on the ceiling. I asked the girls to count them - there were 7! Well, as you can already see coming Abbie's balloon slipped off her wrist and up to the ceiling. She immediately got upset and when I leaned down to talk to her she said through her tears "mommy, there were 7 balloons and now there are 8!" It was so sweet and helped me not be that "I told you so" mom.

Graham has started getting the mail everyday after school and everyday he tells me who each piece of mail is for. Him and Abbie usually ask "where's my mail?" Well, today Abbie got a piece of mail and she was SO excited! She was literally jumping up and down and clapping her hands. She said "I have waited my WHOLE life for a piece of mail." Love that girl. (She was even more excited when she opened it and it was a $3 gift card for Toys R Us. It is from Toys R Us if you sign up online for their birthday club.)

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