Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So after Abbie's birthday part of Easter, we sent the kids upstairs to play with Abbie's presents. Then Marty and I got an Easter egg hunt ready for them. We decided this year to combine the baskets and the egg hunt. So we put an initial on each of the eggs and then inside some of the eggs where numbers that went with their prizes. We put some candy and quarters in the other eggs. The kids thought it was fun to have to find their initial. We opened all the prizes and by that time, Marty had to be back at church and I had to start getting myself and the kids ready for church. Right when we were getting ready to leave I thought about taking a few pictures. This is the one that is right on front of our bushes that have pink flowers on them right now - what was I thinking? Actually, I was thinking I don't care I just need to make sure and take at least one picture of them in their Easter outfits and to do it quickly or we would be late!
Then after church I tried again, not much better! It was bedtime by now. I think my favorite though is the one where they almost look like Charlie's Angels:)
The kids were really cute when we were going to bed. They asked if we could have some more Easter tomorrow, since we didn't get to celebrate it all day. They ended up hiding their eggs for each other, it was really sweet.

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  1. oh my word... I LOVE THEIR EASTER DRESSES!!! So cute :)
    You look very handsome, too, Graham!