Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mini Cars

This last weekend the kids and I went by a miniature car show. The kids thought the cars were really cool and kind of funny since they were so small. Graham kept talking about the "yellow car that could only hold one person." Abbie, of course, loved the purple car (actually it was like a VW van). I don't know anything about cars so they didn't mean a lot to me. I did notice one was made in 1954 so that meant it was really old and probably worth a lot of money. I still thought it was fun and the kids enjoyed it.
We didn't get to stay very long at all. It rained on the way there so we stopped at Sonic and got a drink to see if the rain would stop. As soon as we got our drinks it stopped raining, yeah! Then after we had looked at all the cars, it started to sprinkle again. Perfect timing.

Graham's favorite car.
Yes, Molly has no shoes on. She is obsessed with taking them off in the car and dropping them on the floor. So I decided not to search for them this time.
Abbie's purple car.
This one had a mini boat attached.

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  1. That's so fun! Why oh why did you not call us?! Brayden would have LOVED that. . .

    Love you and had so much fun on Saturday!