Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What do you see?

So today I was dropping the kids off at preschool. Graham went into the bathroom and Abbie tried to follow him into the boys bathroom. I stopped her and told her she couldn't go in there because it was only for boys. I showed her which one was the girls and said "see the girl sign has a dress on." She looked back and forth and then said "so the girl has a dress on and the boy is naked." .... After I stopped laughing hysterically. I realized I'd never thought about it, but I don't really see pants or a shirt on him, do you? :)


  1. How very observant of her. That is very funny! I've never really thought about that before.

  2. Only Abbie! oh my!

    Breakfast this Saturday?


  3. I laughed out loud! She is so right!!
    Bless you guys!