Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly

I absolutely love my Molly.  Her laugh is contagious and she knows how to make you laugh also.  Her big brown eyes are beautiful. And she absolutely adores her big brother and sister! So here are a few pictures that show some of the funny and adorable things she does.  

Molly can make you smile by singing you a song.

She can make you laugh by using socks as gloves and then insisting she wears them out to the store!

She can have fun letting her brother slide under her legs while they are dancing.

She can show you how much she adores her siblings by being sad without them while they were playing in the IKEA play area:(

Make you sweat just watching her dress up in her winter coat when it is 90 degrees outside.

And then she can make you say "WHAT?!!!" when she decides to do this:

I thought I had made it through three kids without the drawing on the walls.  I have only had one other minor crayon drawing with Abbie and it was barely anything!  Yes, I gave her the crayon and asked her to take it downstairs and put it away - somehow she heard draw a picture all the way down the stairs and then put it away. 
I have to say I felt a little bad for Molly.  The second she saw me, while she was still coloring, she burst into tears.  She was SO upset.  

So then this was what Molly was doing for a while - using a magic erase sponge.

And in case you are wondering, no we didn't get it all off.  It would have taken probably 2 or 3 sponges and we are planning to paint our staircase anyways, so if you visit soon there will be lovely red crayon drawings displayed! 


  1. Oh that sweet Molly- still cute even when she is in trouble!!!

  2. oh my word, that sweet lil Molly. She is just the cutest little two year old EVER!